Mesogeia Vineyards

A trip to Attica’s wine country makes for the perfect fall excursion. Wine tourism is a great alternative for a getaway in nature that combines learning, gastronomy and total euphoria. During your visit you will have the chance to tour the premises and learn about the production process from harvesting to fermentation and bottling.

You can also attend tasting and gastronomy courses which employ traditional recipes and use local products. In some wineries, you can even pair a delicious lunch or dinner with one of their wines, hand-selected to perfectly complement your meal! Various cultural events and wine-tasting seminars are also offered at wineries throughout the year.

Make sure you contact the winery in advance to find out about its opening hours and tours.

Attica’s vineyards

According to Greek Mythology, Dionysus, the God of wine and mirth, entrusted the residents of Attica with the secrets of viticulture and the art of wine drinking.

The district of Mesogeia is the oldest and largest wine-producing region in Greece. With more than 26 winemakers, the area has been distributing wine throughout Greece for ages – literally.

Due to the area’s microclimate, Savvatiano grapes are predominant; these produce golden-coloured wines with a light taste, delicate aroma and low acidity. Savvatiano are mainly used for the production of Restina. Many red wines are also produced in Mesogeia and distributed not only within Greece (in liquor stores, grocery stores, taverns, etc), but also abroad, primarily in Germany and the United States.

Viticulture in the area has been carried out without the use of pesticides and sprays for centuries, resulting in grapes of unparalleled quality and premium wines. Thanks to the new generation of oenologists, winegrowers, and agronomists Attica’s wines are more and more competitive in the international wine market today.

Meanwhile, the wider Attican wine country is continually enriched with new Greek varieties such as Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Athyri, and Agiorgitiko, as well as with international varieties such as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

Wine museum

While in Mesogeia, don’t forget to visit the Wine Museum. Explore the magical world of wine, its history and related art. The Markou family, owner of the Ampelones Markou Winery, has created a lovely space within the Museum for cultural events and exhibitions where you can also see old artefacts, like a rare portable press with a wooden ripper, traditional cooper tools and many objects related to viticulture and the production of wine in Attica.

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