Hammam baths

A city, according to the Koran, to be comprehensive needs a hammam for purification from sins and purify the soul.

In Athens, the last steam room, located in Plaka, stopped working in 1965. But, fortunately, the gap was covered. A brand new traditional hammam in Thisio opened its doors.

The owners of three young people and lovers of baths in the East they took their baths in Turkey, Syria and Egypt and realized that Athens is one of the few European capitals that lacks many years a steam room, decided to restore the old habit.

The Hammam Baths housed in a neoclassical building, while the study of hot space, the dome, the marble fountains and benches, made the Tourkala architect Aizegkioul Oser. Towels and special cloths, the pestemal, metal hubcaps, exfoliating gloves and wooden clogs-the “heels” as they say-come from Turkey and soaps from Syria.

Whether, however, these traditional hammam, Turkish or Moroccan baths, can the age of spa be filled again with hot steam, blurred atmosphere and mysterious images? Answers can be given only after the experience implies that for any Visiting a hammam and a relaxation in the hands of specialists.

As the water overflowing the basins and evaporated onto the hot marble, the steam rising up elafrainontas thoughts, purifying the body, quietening the mind.

The hammam has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman times where it was found with the name Thermae. One habit that charmed and spread in many cultures of the Mediterranean basin over time. It focuses on the element of water, and beauty, wellness, balance the physical and mental health – which were elements of the philosophy of the baths in all cultures – remain central to the process.

The visit to the hammam is an escape from everyday life. A moment of calm, a process that can become a “deep” experience. It is a pleasant “output”, an impressive spectacle, entertainment, a change of scenery, and relax in the full sense of the word.

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We were picked up by Christos snd Callie in large clean comfortable Mercedes van. I can only say that they were both just Fantastic!! The 1st day we went to Delfi and the following day we went to Mycenae and Epidavros. Christos and Callie were knowledgeable, professional and gave us an 11 out of 10 experience. Above and beyond our expectations. I wouldn't consider any other service!

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