Mykonos is the great glamour island of the Cyclades and happily flaunts its camp and fashionable reputation with style. Beneath the gloss and glitter, however, this is a charming and hugely entertaining place where the sometimes frantic mix of good-time holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds, posturing fashionistas and preening celebrities is magically subdued by the cubist charms of Mykonos town, a traditional Cycladic maze.

Local people have had 40 years to get a grip on tourism and have not lost their Greek identity in doing so.

Be prepared, however, for the oiled-up lounger lifestyle of the island’s packed main beaches, the jostling street scenes and the relentless, yet sometimes forlorn, partying. That said, there’s still a handful of off-track beaches worth fighting for. Plus, the stylish bars, restaurants and shops have great appeal, and you can still find a quieter pulse amid the labyrinthine old town. Add to all this the archaeological splendour of the nearby island of Delos, and Myconos really does live up to its reputation as a fabulous destination.


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We were picked up by Christos snd Callie in large clean comfortable Mercedes van. I can only say that they were both just Fantastic!! The 1st day we went to Delfi and the following day we went to Mycenae and Epidavros. Christos and Callie were knowledgeable, professional and gave us an 11 out of 10 experience. Above and beyond our expectations. I wouldn't consider any other service!

- Benny Dogger



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