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During our constant search for different aspects of life in Athens, we have discovered the city's hidden highlights.

If you want to enhance your experience during your Classical Athens Highlights private tour you can choose from our suggestions.


Greek Dining Experience

thumb diningexperienceCooking for Greeks is a very important element of their culture and way of life. Using only the purest ingredients we prepare for you homemade style greek cuisine dishes. Get off the beaten track and away from the tourist crowds to enjoy delicious Greek cuisine dishes in one of the oldest tavern’s in Athens. The tavern is located close to the Athens Central Market and operates since 1927. It is preferred by many Athenians that make it their meeting place.

Wine Tasting

thumb winetastingStrolling around in Athens from Plaka to Monastiraki make a stop to endulge yourself in a Greek wine tasting experience. Get to know the several varieties from all over the Greek mainland and the islands. Choose among the most famous V.Q.P.R.D. vintages from Nemea, Patras, Santorini, Cephalonia and Crete. Also, get acquainted with the famous Retsina Athenian wine. Contemporary wine producers are bringing Retsina back into fashion with their new excuisite vintages. An assortment of Greek cheeses and delicasies will pair with the wines to create the ideal experience.

Home Meals

thumb homemealFor small groups of people we suggest an alternative experience in dinning. Local families open their houses, offering their hospitality by cooking especially for you their traditional Greek Cuisine recipes. Such dishes pass from one generation to another, from mother to daughter.

By participating in the home meal experience you are given the unique opportunity to taste the original traditional dishes such as mousakas, rooster youvetsi, yemista, dakos salad etc. prepared by local housewives in their home environment.

Cooking Classes

thumb cookingclassThere is an easy and fun way to enhance the experience of your visit to Athens by learning how to cook traditional Greek recipes next to famous local restaurateurs.

Take some of their recipes back home by learning how to prepare them in our cooking class. Every participant is given a cookbook with the suggested recipes.

Hammam Baths

thumb hammambathsThe visit to the hammam baths is an escape from everyday life. A moment of calm, a process that can become a “deep” experience. It is a pleasant “output”, an impressive spectacle, entertainment, a change of scenery, and relax in the full sense of the word.

Grant this gift to yourselves for a memorable experience of relaxation.


Greek Sandals Workshop

thumb greeksandalsVisit a traditional leather workshop that produces greek sandals, one that many famous people have visited in the past. Choose one of the many designs and have the sandals tailored made to fit perfectly your size.



Greek Gastronomy Museum

thumb gastronomymuseumThe project is housed in a grand, two-story neoclassical building located right next to the first cathedral of Athens, a few meters from the Athens central market. The Museum of Greek Gastronomy aspires to fill its spaces with unique flavours, local products and traditional cooking methods and recipes from every era and area of the country with fresh ingredients straight from the central Athenian market. Visitors are invited on a journey of flavours through the history, culture and nutritional value of Greek gastronomy. Visitors to this unique museum will learn a great deal about how local products are made and how traditional recipes are prepared through screenings, audio-visual material, photography exhibitions, presentations of traditional folklore objects used in production, and other modern presentation methods. Tours focus on interactivity and on educating visitors about Greek gastronomy so that they can incorporate it into their daily diet. At the museum of Greek Gastronomy you can enjoy dining and cooking class experience.

Athens Central Market

thumb centralmarketThe central Athenian market has been operating for over a century to provide the Athenian households with fresh fruit, meat and fish from all over the Greek mainland and islands. The building has been recently renovated by the Ministry of Culture and attracts most of the Athenians to buy fresh natural products such as spices, cheese, dried fruits, olives and olive oil. We invite you for a stroll around the market to gain this unique experience and even buy the ingredients to cook your own Greek cuisine recipe.


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We were picked up by Christos snd Callie in large clean comfortable Mercedes van. I can only say that they were both just Fantastic!! The 1st day we went to Delfi and the following day we went to Mycenae and Epidavros. Christos and Callie were knowledgeable, professional and gave us an 11 out of 10 experience. Above and beyond our expectations. I wouldn't consider any other service!

- Benny Dogger



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